About Us

Our Story Told

25 years, 10 countries, 2 dogs, a goldfish, an awesome team, and endless passion

Our journey started over 25 years ago. We have operated more than 100 health clubs and spas in that time. Our clubs have won “Club Of The Year”, and “Spa Of The Year”. We have been fortunate enough to travel the world following our love of fitness. We’ve seen some of the best Studios, in some of the coolest places. We’ve met many of the industries legends and trained in their clubs. It’s been quite a ride and we feel privileged to be part of an awesome industry!

We made it better!

R3FORM is the culmination of all our experience, passion, and love for all things fitness. We’ve taken the best of what we’ve learned, and then made it better! We’ve thrown out the fads, cliches and 5-minute wonders. Instead, we’ve teamed up with some of the best trainers in the world and created our own unique workout. R3FORM is an easy to follow, high tempo, Reformer workout like nothing you’ve ever tried before. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or a workout pro, it will challenge your entire body. We’ve mixed up the best of HIIT training, Pilates, Yoga and strength movements and we’ve dialled up the intensity!

In Copenhagen

We spent 6 months developing our signature R3FORM workout with our team in Denmark. We’ve worked incredibly hard to create the most amazing workout. Some might say we’ve become a little obsessed with it – we hope once you tried R3FORM you will understand why!

That’s not all!

As well as developing the R3FORM workout, Christie is the first Peak Pilates “FitCore” Master Trainer in the UK. Created by Peak Pilates in Los Angeles, FitCore has quickly become the workout of choice for many of the area’s most well-known workout celebrities. R3FORM is the first studio in the UK to launch FitCore.

And Finally

We know that no matter how great the equipment, or how amazing the program might be, it takes an awesome team to create the real magic.