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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions and policies may be changed from time to time. so please check these regularly for any updates.

By booking classes at R3FORM you agree to our terms and conditions, and policies, and accept our liability waiver.

Classes are open to everyone aged 16 years and over. 

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your classes; late arrivals (more than 5 minutes) may not be admitted.

For your safety and comfort when participating in a Reformer workout, you are required to wear gloves and grippy Yoga/Pilates socks at all times.

Personal Belongings that are brought onto the premises, teaching space or parking areas are left at your own risk. R3FORM does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items.

R3FORM reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or refuse service to anyone whose conduct is, or may be deemed to be in our reasonable opinion, injurious to the character of the studio, to other customers, or amounts to a breach of terms and conditions. Persons exhibiting abusive or threatening behaviour, and language of a profane or discriminatory nature will not be tolerated by R3FORM. Such persons will be asked to leave the premises immediately and, in this instance, no refunds will be given. R3FORM reserves the right to place a ban on future entry for persons guilty of what we consider inappropriate behaviour as outlined above.

R3FORM reserves to make alterations to the type of facilities and services provided, without notice and in its absolute discretion and shall not be liable for any loss occasioned by such alterations.

Mobile phones, cameras and recording devices
Mobile phones must be switched off or on silent to avoid disruption to the class.

Filming and pictures cannot be taken while classes are in progress; some permissions may be granted and must include consent from instructors and all class participants who may be seen on camera/video. 

Videos and pictures can be taken before and after classes only with the consent of anyone who may be in view (including in the background or seen in the mirrors). 

Videos and photos of classes cannot be posted to social media or other public forums and platforms without consent from instructors, class participants or anyone who may be in view. 

It is not permitted to film an entire class.

Class booking
– Monthly and annual members get priority class booking and can book classes up to 14 days in advance.
– Pack holders can book classes up to 10 days in advance.

Late cancellation and No-show policies
All classes must be cancelled through the website or App.
These policies apply to all members, pack holders, and guests as follows:

Late cancellation
– A fee of £10 will be charged for any member cancellations of less than 12 hours.
– Class Packs, Drop-in and guest pass classes will simply be lost.

No show
– A fee of £15 will be charged to members who haven’t cancelled and do not attend the reserved class.
– Class Packs, Drop-in and guest pass classes will simply be lost.

Class packs, drop-in passes, and guest passes
Class packs are valid for the allocated number of classes and for a limited time only as follows:

– Packs of 10 or more classes are valid for six (6) months only.
– Packs of 5-9 classes are valid for three (3) months only.
– Packs of 2-4 classes are valid for two (2) weeks only.

Any class pass(es) not used within the validity period will be lost.
Packs are not shareable, transferable, or extendable. Packs are non-refundable after first use.
Drop-in passes and guest passes are valid for one (1) month only.
Late cancellation & no-show policies (see below) apply to class packs, drop-in classes and guest passes.

R3FRESH packs and drop-ins are valid only R3FRESH studio classes (excludes all Reformer classes).
R3FORM packs and drop-ins are valid for both R3FRESH & R3FORM studio classes.

Promotional Offers
All promotional offers are subject to these terms and conditions and/or the terms & conditions specified directly in the offer details or in any marketing communications (including all digital and printed materials, radio and television). Note that Member late cancellation and no-show policy applies to any ‘unlimited’ promotional offers.

Agreement terms are subject to change.